12 Days of Christmas with HSC!

December 12th: $25 off Bully Breed from HSC
December 13th: BOGO 50% off Litter Mates (cats and kittens of equal or lesser value)
December 15th: $25 off Small Breeds (Dogs under 25lbs)
December 16th: Special Needs animal fee waived in lieu of donation
December 17th: $25 off A.S.Ds (American Shelter Dog)
December 18th: $25 off Hounds A’baying
December 19th: $50 off Seniors Sleeping (any animal 7 years and older)
December 20th: $25 off Staff Favorites
December 21st: $20 off Ladies Dancing (any adult females)
December 22nd: $20 off Lords A’leaping (any adult males)
December 23rd: $30 off Puppers Piping (puppies 6 months and younger)
December 24th: $25 off Drummers Drumming (any animal 6 months to under 1 year old)

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