5 reasons you should weigh in on how Mecklenburg County spends its tax dollars

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Your elected officials will soon decide how to spend billions of your tax dollars for the fiscal year 2024, and you now have a chance to weigh in with your thoughts.

The next fiscal year begins July 1, 2023, so now is the time when officials debate which agencies need more or less funding, and how much money should be dedicated to various projects. Last fiscal year, county commissioners approved a budget of $2.2 billion.

The county is holding workshops, both in-person and virtual, to hear what priorities residents may have. Do you think the county should build more parks or fund more programs? Do public schools need more county money? Or how about spending more money to address health care disparities, such as boosting access to prenatal care to reduce infant mortality?

This is your opportunity to let your elected leaders know what you think and to elevate the programs you believe deserve more funding.

Residents can also share their opinions by taking the community survey.

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