Black therapist talks navigating ‘the holiday blues’


It’s the holiday season once again, and while some people are gearing up to enjoy the holidays with their families and friends, others may have a harder time finding holiday joy. 

Mental Health America estimates that 5% of Americans experience seasonal depression. Sometimes referred to as “the holiday blues,” it is a type of depression triggered by the change in season and commonly affects people from late fall to early winter.

Symptoms can include fatigue, social withdrawal, less interest in daily activities, changes in appetite and even hopelessness.

According to Charlotte-based therapist Alicia Tetteh of Building Endurance PLLC, it’s common for the mental health field to see a big influx of requests for support just before and right after the holidays. She says many people tend to “grin and bear it” through the holiday season. 

“People grieve more during the holidays,” said Tetteh, who has been a practicing therapist for 10 years. Tetteh explained that the holidays could be a reminder of family members who have passed away or are not present to celebrate. 

With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, Tetteh shared tips with QCity Metro on how to navigate “the holiday blues.” 


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