‘Blessing in disguise’: Beatties Ford flower shop moving after over 40 years


Stepping inside Stroud’s Flowers is like stepping into the past. From the stained glass window out front that reads “Stroud’s” to the old piano in the lobby, the floral shop is filled with nostalgia and the sweet aroma of its flowers.  

Gerardo and Nancy Stroud opened Stroud’s Flowers in 1977 on Beatties Ford Road. It’s now one of Charlotte’s oldest Black-owned businesses still in operation.

When Stroud died in the late 1990s, his family planned to sell the business to a buyer unknown to them — until Neil Nivens, Stroud’s godson, offered to buy it himself. 

Neil Nivens took over the shop in 2010 and now runs it alongside his wife, Christine Nivens.

Christine Nivens (left) with Niel Nivens (right) inside Stroud’s Flower Shop. (Photo: Amanda Harry/QCity Metro)

Stroud’s Flowers has been in the same location for more than 40 years but will be moving in March due to a building sale.

Initially, the Nivens didn’t want to move locations, but have since warmed up to the idea.


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