BOOM Festival seeks diverse talent for 2023 return in Charlotte


BOOM Charlotte will return to its full scale after a two-year hiatus next spring. The festival currently has an open call for local talent to participate in the 2023 experience. 

What started as six local artists sitting around a table to plan a small festival has grown into an event that draws in thousands. One of the original planners is the founder and executive director of BOOM Manoj P. Kesavan. 

“It is one of the large events that in a way kind of reflects Charlotte’s true demographic of diversity,” said Kesavan.

BOOM is strongly centric on showcasing artists of color, as evident by previous events. The last festival showcased talent that was mostly made up of Black artists. 

Photo: BOOM Festival 2022, Jordan Ellis

About BOOM

BOOM is unlike some other local festivals in that it is created, planned, and run by artists, including Kesavan who is a former architect. According to the website, the festival seeks to “transform the way arts and culture are created and shared in Charlotte.”

BOOM does this by encouraging creativity and fostering connection between various types of local artists.


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