Can I Be Intentionally Yours?


If you want to achieve any goal, you must first be able to visualize what you want and commit to actively pursuing it. When Jelani met Dawn, he knew he wanted a long-term relationship and was willing to combine action with his desire.

 Bride: Dawn Davis, 37, Health Economics Consultant – Biotech, native of Columbia, South Carolina
Groom: Jelani Davis, 41, Registered Pharmacist, native of Elyria, Ohio
Current Residence: Charlotte, North Carolina
Wedding Date: September 3, 2022
Venue/Location: JW Marriott – Charlotte, NC

How They Met

(Jalani) We met online in October 2020 on I saw Dawn’s picture and thought she was breathtakingly beautiful. But the most attractive part of her online profile was her personal bio. I thought she was highly intelligent, articulate, insightful and transparent. All those intangible attributes were things that attracted me initially.

I sent her a message asking how her search was going and if I could have her telephone number. She gave it to me, and we spoke for the first time that evening.

(Dawn) I had been on Match for a week or two and was just getting acclimated to the online thing. You never know who you are going to meet. Jelani was like a breath of fresh air.

One of the things that stood out to me about his profile was his transparency. It was nice to see someone talk about their religious beliefs. Some gentlemen on the site did not write much at all. His pictures also registered with me. They reflected honesty and kindness. He asked if we could schedule a time to speak, which was unique. He called at that time on the dot, and our conversation just flowed. He was a gentleman from the moment of introduction. We had so much in common. We even shared the same birthday. After two phone conversations, we had our first date.


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