City renames 3 more streets that once had ties to white supremacists


The City of Charlotte on Friday announced three new street names as part of the Legacy Commission’s street renaming work. 

The following new street names will become effective on Jan. 21, 2022:

  • Aycock Lane will be renamed Wall Street. 
  • Jackson Avenue will become Cross Trail Drive. 
  • Zebulon Avenue will become Yellowstone Drive. (The existing Yellowstone Drive, including block ranges, will be extended as a result of this change.)

Remaining Streets to be Renamed

The final streets to be renamed due to their ties to white supremacy and the Confederacy are:

  • Hill Street
  • Morrison Boulevard
  • Barringer Drive
  • Stonewall Street

Residents and business owners who live on Hill Street and Morrison Boulevard are currently submitting new name suggestions. A final vote will allow them to select their top three name choices to determine which names will become effective in March 2022.

Community engagement for Barringer Drive and Stonewall Street will begin in January 2022 and the new names will become effective in March 2022.


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