Damian & Jermaine Johnson – Q City Metro

Buffalo, New York, natives Damian and Jermaine Johnson created and launched No Grease Inc. in June 1997, and Charlotte’s Black barbershop scene has never been the same.

What’s their impact? Together they have grown No Grease into a leading brand in men’s, women’s and children’s hair grooming services in Charlotte and beyond, including South Carolina and Georgia. Perhaps equally important, they have equipped and nurtured No Grease barbers to become franchise owners, creating wealth-building opportunities for some of their former employees.

The questions below were answered by Damian Johnson.

What inspires your work?

Developing people, who develop family, who develop community and it all starts with a haircut.

What makes Charlotte special?

Charlotte has an opportunity for the next 20 to 30 years to demonstrate equal access to wealth.  

Who is/was your greatest inspiration and why?

My Mother inspired and allowed her children to express their best selves even if she didn’t always understand or agree with us.

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