“Go Ahead. Make my Day!”

Posted on: December 28, 2021

One of HSC’s longest current residents, previously named Grunt, has now been renamed, Clint Eastwood.

After spending time with the staff at the Humane Society of Charlotte, they determined that his personality was worthy of such a highly respected name. Much like the Man with No Name, when one tries to describe Clint Eastwood (the dog), it’s difficult to find the words that sum up such a unique personality. And while you wouldn’t expect such a cute pup to be seven years old, just like his namesake, his great genes make him better with age.

Much like the famed actor, HSC’s Clint Eastwood is reserved. He likes to take in the situation around him and adjust accordingly. While some might describe him as shy, we like to think of him as contemplative. Upon first meeting Clint Eastwood, the dog, he may even seem a bit stand-offish, but it’s only because he’s taking it all in. 

While there can be hesitations about adopting an older dog, just like Clint Eastwood’s human inspiration, it’s clear that he has only success ahead of him as he continues to learn new things each day.

Clint Eastwood, canine-edition, is low maintenance and doesn’t require a ton of activity. Really, all he is looking for is a buddy that enjoys short walks and chilling on the couch. Ready for a movie marathon? How about Dirty Harry or Gran Torino? Just a few suggestions.

If you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and make his day! Request an adoption appointment today.

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