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What comes to mind when you think of the Harlem Renaissance? Is it the migration of African Americans from the South to the North? Is it the burst of creativity, including poetry, music, and dance? Perhaps it is fashion of the day? Sean and Brooke chose a Harlem Renaissance theme for their wedding. It was the perfect representation of their relationship. 

Bride: Brooke Calloway, 27, project coordinator, native of Charlotte, North Carolina 
Groom:  Sean Calloway, 28, resident project representative, native of Rochester, New York 
Current Residence:  Charlotte, North Carolina 
Wedding Date: November 19, 2022 
Venue/Location: Crystal Ballroom – Rock Hill, South Carolina 

How They Met 

(Brooke) Sean and I met in 2015 while we were attending N.C. State University. He joined Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, and I joined Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated during the same semester. So, we crossed over together. We met through a mutual friend, one of Sean’s frat brothers.  

It was the weekend, and a group of us got together for a kickback at our mutual friend’s dorm. We were just college kids hanging out in the dorm room. I thought he was cute, and he thought I was pretty. That lead to flirting, friendship and dating. 

(Sean) Our fraternity and sorority were always in similar places, so we kept running into each other. After the third or fourth time, I was like, “Hey, we need to exchange phone numbers. That way, we don’t have to run into each other randomly. It can be deliberate.” Things progressed from there. We started texting all the time. 

We developed an instant friendship, which was almost uncomfortable for me. I was a college student focused on my education, work, and friends. I had just crossed a fraternity, so I was preoccupied. But for some reason, we got along very well. It was so natural and different from everyone else I had seen. I knew it was something different.  


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