Home for the Holidays: Look out, McAdenville; here she comes

First in a series:

In the spirit of the season, QCity Metro is reaching out to former Charlotte residents who’ve made plans to return home this holiday season, asking them to share their favorite holiday memories.

Meet Rochelle Latten, a 10-grade English teacher living in Jacksonville, Fla.

Rochelle is a 2020 graduate of North Carolina Central University. She found her way to Florida in the Teach For America program. In addition to teaching, she coaches soccer.

What she misses most about Charlotte:

RJ: I miss the restaurants. I’m a foodie, so I really miss the food. I also miss the mall because of stores like Macy’s. They don’t have a Macy’s here.

Her favorite Christmas memory:

RJ: Growing up and going to Eastland Mall. I’m sad they took it away, but Eastland Mall used to have this big ice skating rink in it, and everybody would go there during the winter.

What she’s looking forward to when she gets home:

RJ: McAdenville. It’s about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte. It’s literally like a town filled with light and nothing but Christmas.

On her Christmas list:

RJ: I just want to be home with my family.

Editor’s note: Do you have a friend or family member who’s coming home this holiday season? Send them a copy of this article and ask them to submit their story.

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