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Once again, America has a front-row seat to a familiar old film: Violent policing of African American men. And once again, I am angry. I’m sad. Once again, like many others, I am horrified.

This time feels different, though. This time, I feel a sense of shame that wasn’t so much a part of previous incidences of police brutality against Black men.This time, the cops are Black. This was most horrible of horror films…the one where the killer is inside the house.

As a Black woman, wife and mother, I know what to say and feel when white cops kill our men. I have felt the rage and the outrage while trying to reckon with another senseless killing of another Black person. I have affirmed the fact and the need to say that Black lives matter.

But how should I feel when a Black life doesn’t matter to the people they should matter to the most?

The answer to that question, for me, is that I feel shame.

I feel shame that the connectedness that should have disallowed multiple Black law officers to beat a Black man to death failed. I feel shame that five Black minds and five sets of Black eyes were unable to imagine or to see that Tyre Nichols might have been their son or their brother.

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