Local artists share what they need to succeed


Artists need money.

QCity Metro spoke with several local creatives, and they agreed that they want to see Charlotte stakeholders provide more financial support and affordable spaces.

Why it matters: A 2022 survey, published by Charlotte is Creative, reported that 45% of respondents’ only source of employment was their artistic discipline. 63% noted they would like more public and private funding opportunities to improve their ability of becoming a full-time artist. 

“Resources looks like more studios, places that can press up flyers, business cards, merchandise and more places that support local talent,” Charlotte-based rapper Dante “Dante M’$” Elam told QCity Metro. 

“So whether that be venues or places that host open mics and [those places] having their door open to local talent because there’s a lot of local talent.”

Another creative, Joanne Rogers, who owns Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery at the Visual and Performing Arts Center (VAPA), agreed with the artists, but also noted that many of them are unaware of resources that are already available. 


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