Shaw U files complaint with U.S. Department of Justice


On Oct. 5, a charter bus trip from Raleigh, N.C. to Atlanta was interrupted by a traffic stop and drug search.

18 students and two staff members from Shaw University were traveling to the Center for Financial Advancement Conference when police stopped the bus in Spartanburg County for a traffic violation. 

Body cam footage released by the Spartanburg County and Cherokee County sheriff offices shows an officer telling the bus driver he was pulled over for “swerving” and “bumping the yellow lanes” while driving. 

The officer then asked the bus driver to provide his license and registration before conducting a drug search of the storage compartment with a detection dog. The dog focused on a black bag that the officer then searched. The bag contained a box of donuts.

No illegal substances were found. 

On Monday, Shaw, North Carolina’s oldest historically black college, announced they were filing an official complaint with the U.S Department of Justice at a press conference. 


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