This local company makes having a Black Santa the norm


“Where can I find a Black Santa?” This is the question that led Stafford Braxton to begin Santas Just Like Me, a company that coordinates the hiring of diverse Santas, in 2013.

Braxton’s journey began on a normal work day, as a photographer at the mall, when someone asked when — or if — there would be a Black Santa available for photos.

Then it happened again. And again.

A ‘good idea’ turned business

“I would jokingly say, ‘you know they ain’t gon let you have no Black Santa up in here.’ Little did I know, I was right,” said Braxton. 

Braxton later approached the mall manager about having more diverse Santas available for pictures. The outcome didn’t go exactly how he imagined it would.

“They metaphorically patted me on the head,” he said. Braxton says management told him it was a “good idea,” but the conversation ended there.


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