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Vi Lyles – Mayor of Charlotte, NC

What inspires your work?

I am always inspired by the positive outcomes we can provide in the lives of those we serve. I take pride in each of our city initiatives that provide jobs, create better transportation alternatives, and work to promote safety and security for all Charlotte families. As a public servant, I know that my success is measured by how well I serve the public. So that will always be my priority and my primary source of inspiration.

What makes Charlotte special?

Charlotte is a wonderful place that inspired me to make it my home, build a career, raise a family, and ultimately seek elected office. This city is so special because of the people who call it home. Charlotteans are kind and welcoming and accepting of others. We live in a wonderful melting pot, where 1-in-5 people were born in another country and 120 new residents move here each day. I am so glad that the rest of the world is recognizing that Charlotte is a great city of opportunity where anything is possible.

Who is/was your greatest inspiration and why?

There is no question that my calling to serve comes from the influence of my mother and I continue to work to pass on that same conviction to my daughter and granddaughters. Even while raising six children, my mother always had the strength and fortitude to serve our community. She was a teacher and constant matriarch of our family and our church. She raised me to be a strong, independent thinker who stands up for what’s right and recognizes the value of all people, and I believe that is the true essence of public service.

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