Weekend News Quiz – October 8

It was a busy week in the Queen City. Do you know who the CMPD is planning to hire? Or how the Black Chamber of Commerce is going to support Black businesses?

1. News & Buzz

We chatted with Chief Jennings about the CMPD’s initiative to hire:

2. West End

A local nonprofit, Wells Fargo and the City of Charlotte are giving away free _ to West End residents this weekend, in an effort to improve air quality

3. Black Biz

When the pandemic hit 60 percent of local Black businesses closed within four weeks. Now Charlotte’s Black Chamber of Commerce wants to start supporting these businesses by

4. Culture

A Vibe Called Fresh is a block party-style festival happening in West End this weekend. Charlotte native, Winston Robinson, throws the event to emphasize the importance of:

5. Entertainment

In a Q&A with the Grammy winning Charlotte native, Anthony Hamilton, he outlined his plans for 2022 which includes:


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