Whatever happened to the Black-owned jewelry store that operated in uptown Charlotte?

A reader asked:

I would appreciate it if you could answer a question for me. Is there a Black jewelry company that still operates in Charlotte? His shop was vandalized doing the riot after George Floyd’s killing. He also was interviewed on the news and stated that he had insurance and would continue. Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. ~ Jerome Beauford 

Thanks for your question, Jerome.

Some background:

In May 2020, while the George Floyd protests were happening in uptown Charlotte, James Mack’s jewelry store, Epic Times, was vandalized. The store was located in the former Epicentre.

According to Mack, looters entered the store and caused $30,000 in damages from product loss and vandalism. 

In an Instagram post that included security footage from the break-in, Mack said: “Black-on-black crime!!!! Hurt the black-owned businesses!! Is that justice… now we got to pay!!!!”

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