What’s next for Latta Plantation?

Mecklenburg commissioners will get an update today on plans to reopen Historic Latta Plantation.

…assuming the location keeps that official name.

In a county presentation prepared for today’s meeting, a new mission and vision statement refers to “Latta Place.”

You might recall: The site has been closed since June 2021 following public pushback over plans for a controversial program scheduled for Juneteenth. Critics said the event was too sympathetic to white enslavers.

The county has now completed Part 1 of a three-part process to reopen the historic site.

Looking ahead: When the site does reopen (scheduled for FY2023), programming will be guided by “Truth – Transparency – Compassion –Transformation – Unity,” according to the presentation.

In a survey of 917 people contacted last December, 70% said they were aware of Historic Latta, and of those, 55% said they had visited the site in the past year.

From among those who had not visited came this response:

“Because I am Black. I’m sure you can put two and two together on that one.”

Preview the presentation. Today’s meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m.

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