Who decides how elections are run and certified?

As part of our elections coverage, QCity Metro invited readers to submit questions to our reporting team, which we seek to answer in a way that provides factual information free of politics. Read more at the end of this article.

Question: Tell me about the different roles in the process of elections locally and at the state levels. Who makes our elections happen, and who certifies the results?

Answer: The states, not the federal government, have the vast majority of the power over elections in America. That’s why some states have voter identification requirements and some don’t. Some states, including North Carolina, have early voting, and others don’t.

For the past 20-plus years, North Carolina has provided relatively more opportunities to vote than many other states, says Eric Heberlig, professor of political science at UNC Charlotte.

There is same-day registration and early voting available for a month prior to Election Day, the choice to mail-in ballots, and the option to vote on Election Day.

Election oversight

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